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Let us know how our journey toward outdoor learning is going!

What Challenges Are You Facing with Outdoor Learning?

The journey toward regular outdoor learning can be hard, but it is also rewarding. I would love to hear from you and understand your biggest challenges, fears, and barriers to getting outside. Understanding the barriers that teachers face in getting outside with their students can help me create more resources that meet teachers’ needs for outdoor education.

What Are Your Outdoor Education Succes Stories?

I also want to know what is going well for you. Do you have a success story that you would like to share? It is gratifying to share your growth and see how outdoor learning has benefited your students. It can also be inspiring to others to see what you have done with your students by taking learning outside.

What Questions Do You Have About Outdoor Education?

Sometimes trying something new can feel really isolating. You may be the only teacher in your school (or even your area) interested in taking things outside. What questions do you have about outdoor education or outdoor learning? Are there things that you are wondering about that others in your school can’t answer? Reach out with your questions, we would love to help!

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