Get Outside Tool Kit

I am so glad that you are here! The “Get Outside Tool Kit” is the perfect place to start your outdoor learning journey. I know that pursuing outdoor learning or outdoor education with your students can be challenging. I made this tool kit to help you overcome some of these challenges so that you can get outside with your students. This tool kit is free and contains over 90 pages of tools and templates to help take some of the guesswork out of outdoor learning.

New to outdoor learning? Or maybe you are a veteran outdoor teacher who is looking for some tools to keep their students safe and organized. This Get Outside Tool Kit is the perfect place to start. You will find teacher tools to help you navigate some of the more challenging details of outdoor learning.

Get Outside and Start Thriving Today…

I am here to help you get outside with your students so that you can experience the many benefits of outdoor learning while still meeting your curriculum outcomes. We would love to hear from you to learn about what resources you would like to see, what challenges you are facing with taking learning outside, or even if you just want to share an outdoor education success story. Please reach out to us using our Get In Touch Page.